How to mine Monero with RagerX

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If you want to mine Monero (XMR), let me show you how with the easiest software out there, RagerX! Other programs like XMRig and xmr-stak-rx may require some tweaking to get the most out of your mining rig, but not RagerX! It automatically adjusts to give you the best results possible! Check out their subreddit for some info! Let’s dive in and get started!
register for ragerx
First, click here to navigate to the RagerX Web site. The first step is to register an account. This will allow you to use all the of the features that RagerX offers, including chat and stats monitoring!
ragerx web site
Next, select your Operating System to download the flasher utility. RagerX requires a USB stick of at least 2gB, and the flasher utility will prepare your USB stick with the correct configuration for your account.
The flasher utility is very intuitive. Just select the correct USB drive you’d like to use for RagerX. This will format everything on the drive, so be sure to choose the correct one!
The “image” is the version of RagerX to install. You should always use the latest version available. One of the great features of RagerX is that small improvements are automatically pushed to the miner to self-update. Only major updates require you to re-flash your drive with a new image.
Next you’ll need to select which pool you wish to mine on. We highly suggest trying out the Crypto Sewer pool! At this point, you can also enter your WiFi credentials to allow wireless mining.
Now enter your username and password that you signed up with on the RagerX Web site. You can also enter a Rig ID to identify the computer that will be mining with this USB stick.
Finally, you can click “Flash” to flash the drive with the RagerX software. I always like to click “Verify after flashing” to make sure everything went correctly after the installation. Once finished, simply boot your computer to the USB stick you flashed, and RagerX will take care of the rest – you’ll start to mine monero immediately! It’s so simple! Press F5 at any time to take a screenshot that will be saved to your USB drive.

Questions? Jump in the RagerX Telegram or the Crypto Sewer Telegram to ask! Also, view a video covering all of this information!